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Learning about the Integrative Medicine Movement:  Recommended Resources


Learning about the Integrative Medicine Movement: Recommended Resources

Megan Gale

Recommended Resources "Friend of Integrative Medicine" package

original post was 5/9/2017.  This resource collection was part of a fundraiser package we had in our spring fundraiser, called "Friend of Integrative Medicine".

If you are interested in the movement of integrative medicine into mainstream medicine from at least one of these perspectives:

  • as a healthcare consumer/patient 
  • as a healthcare advocate
  • as a healthcare practitioner
  • as a healthcare administrator
  • as a philanthropist 

I recommend the following introductory resources for perusing:


  1. a copy of the book, The Bravewell Story:  how a small community of philanthropists made a big difference in healthcare by Bonnie Horrigan
  2. the DVD documentary, Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare
  3. the book, The Spark in the Machine:  how the science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of Western Medicine by Daniel Keown

To purchase the above books, check our our Amazon Affiliate Store link, under the category "Friend of Integrative Medicine".
The spring fundraiser 2017 has concluded.  If you are interested in contributing to the work we are doing at the Hospital Handbook Project, go to our website.


Contribute directly to the website if you want as much of your contribution to go directly to Project costs as possible.

Thank you for supporting this work and this community!