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Megan Kingsley Gale is an Integrative Medicine practitioner, East Asian Medicine specialty.  She studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Chinese Herbal Medicine, at Bastyr University and completed her master’s degree in this field in 2006. 

Megan has been called to hospital practice since her undergraduate pre-medicine days and has volunteered or been employed in the hospital setting intermittently since 2002 in both civilian and military medical centers.  She believes community-building activities and service to others are integral to life.  She works on this Project to help others in the integrative health field connect to each other and to resources that will help them and their integrative health programs be successful.  If you want to support her work, join the community, find a project you want to support, and maybe buy her a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. 

When not working on the Project, she is probably with her young family, hopefully adventuring outdoors.


What is the Hospital Handbook Project?

Why this Project? (video)

The Hospital Handbook is more than just a blog. 

Most important is the community the work around this project creates.  The creation and support of this community of hospital-practice Acupuncturists is essential to what the Handbook project aims to support:

1.  Create a Community

2.  Create a source of information.  Get this information to those who need it.

3.  Discuss standards of profession and professional practice, particularly as it pertains to Licensed Acupuncturists/East Asian Medicine Practitioners working in the hospital/medical center setting.


I.  Create a Community. 

Develop a community of hospital practice Licensed Acupuncturists. 

  • Share our wisdom.
  • Help each other avoid "re-inventing the wheel" each time a new clinic is set up or an Acupuncturist is hired at a center for the first time or for each L.Ac. starting hospital practice.  This community is also useful for each current hospital-practice L.Ac. who might be venturing into different patient population or type of clinic.
  • Encourage each other.
  • Increase and improve our knowledge and practice standards together.

II.  Create a source of information.  Get this information to those who need it.

Audience is:

  • Hospital practice L.Ac.s
  • The hospital administration that supports those L.Ac.s, in particular the Hospital Sponsor.


  • This website
  • Future book (currently in process), based on concepts this blog aims to cover and connection to relevant written materials vetted by the community.
  • Other projects identified by the community

III.  Discuss standards of profession and professional practice

Create a forum for discussing those standards of good practice to develop our professional standards as a whole and enhance our own practice.


Interested in why I founded this Project?  

Hear my story in Why This Project?  (video)


How can You Support this Community-building Work?

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Thank you.


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